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well seems like everyone is doin this sooooo ima do mine

not the most exciting but still i like it

anyways so basically, as many of you may or may not know, I am currently 13 years of age!

Yea sowwy im young and i joined DA when I wasn't supposed to


Considering I've been on DA for like 3 years, and I joined during the summer, I'm guessing I was like 10 when I first joined DA!

My sister joined it before me, I think she joined when she was 12.....shhh my fam breaks the rules

anyways she joined, and  started drawin humans and stuff. At this time we only had 2 computers in my house, one for my parents, and one for me, my bro, and my sister.

For the longest time this computer didn't have internet. So before the magic of the web came to us, I began to become interested in drawing beforehand.

I always saw my sissy as a rolemodel so once she started drawing, so did I. Except I was into drawing animals, specifically cats.

In about 2nd grade, my sister introduced me to the Warriors cats series, she was a book freak, so soon I became one as well, and by like 4th grade or somethin I had read every single book that had came out so far~ So basically the Power of the 3 was half way done I believe.

I became a Warriors freak. At school, I would literally roleplay Warriors at recess. See in elementary school I actually had like frands who were popular in that time, and they would even do warriors stuff with me at recess cuz we were friends!

But once like 3rd or 4th grade came around, they realized how weird that was and how much of a freak i looked to be~

Therefore by the middle of 4th grade I was with like no friends, and none as bein the cat girl.

Through this time though, I drew cats more and more, and even tho it sucked, everyone seemed impressed, and I really liked that feeling of people looking at my art and goin "wow thats so cool I can't do that!" "Thats talented!" "How do you draw like that"

So once the end of 4th grade came around, my mom finally put internet on my computer. and My sister soon joined DA, idk how she found out about it,  maybe one of her friends or something.

But I would watch her draw on Microsoft Paint, and upload that to DA

And any other site I was apart of, at the time, Fanfiction, I would look to Deviantart to find pictures for my profile pic, etc.  Because I saw that site as having great art on it.

Eventually, the idea of joining myself kept running around in my head, and eventually after talkin with my sis, I did!

Now, in the past years of drawing cats, I DID make myself into a cat. which you all know now as Spotty!!

At the time, I called her either Spottedtail, or Spottedstar!
Her design was a bit different, but not much from how it is now.

I joined DeviantART, and my sister actually came up with my username!


I liked it at first, and my first few pieces were traditional art, but soon I began to draw digitally, and actually, I'm not tryin to brag, but I was kinda a natural with the mouse I think. To this day I still use a mouse, it would be way too hard to switch to a tablet.

my lines were basically smooth, and even tho my style wasn't the best, I still thought/think i did pretty good.

I continued to draw, and I made friends, most of them are gone now, deactivated from DA or whatever. But they really helped encourage me and get me where I am today.

As most of my watchers know, some who have stuck with me since basically the beginning, and you know who you are. have gotten me to this point! You encouragement, and your friendship, and other stuff have helped me so much.

And I love to draw so much now! Drawing is my life almost! There is never a day when I never draw at all

And through the past 3 years, my style has changed, I've improved, and I will continue to

But yeah! Here I am now!

Thats basically my story!

Thanks and Happy birthday DA!



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
::K:: Spotty by RayleeCat
Hey guys! Its Spotty here!

You can call me Spotty, Spottedtail, Sarah, Spots whatever you want! But I mostly respond to those names :3

I hope you enjoy my page~!

:iconspottyadopts: is my adoptables account! Adoptables will be uploaded soon :3

Comment me~! I don't bite and LOVE talking to people~! ^^

I mainly draw Cats, TLK/lions, MLP:FiM, and sometimes Humans! :D

THE FREAKY PEOPLE THAT I LOVE: :iconcreamecream::icondramaticalkitten::iconshelby2398::iconlordbasile::iconkolioness::icondemi-dee96::iconr3ldor::iconcascadingserenity::iconpuppetangel::iconsuperhorse1999::iconwhispering-spirit::icontanzani::iconstrayhowl:

Fabu idols: :iconkolioness::iconalbinoraven666fanart::icondemi-dee96::iconeyesinthedark666::iconcascadingserenity::iconjb-pawstep::iconlordbasile::iconrinjapine::iconshimiart:

Where else to find me?


Other Youtube Channels-


I :iconbigheartplz: ICONS!!! Here are some of my favorites, Some to remember~


Current Residence: IN MY FUDGING HOUSE
Favourite genre of music: Pop
Favourite style of art: Fan Art
Skin of choice: MAH SKIN ;P
Favourite cartoon character: I don't think I have one....????

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